Why Goodstart kindergarten - preschool

At Goodstart, we believe all children deserve the best possible start in life. It’s why we have developed a high quality kindergarten - preschool program that is officially recognised by Australia’s federal and state governments. We offer qualified early childhood teachers, and our kindergarten - preschool program has been developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

Why choose Goodstart kindergarten - preschool

We offer qualified early childhood teachers, and our kindergarten - preschool program has been developed in accordance with the Early Years Learning Framework.

We also offer long day care hours for our kindergarten - preschool classes. This means your child can progress to kindergarten - preschool in familiar surroundings, where they already feel comfortable and happy. It also means you can enjoy the benefits of long day care hours, without the inconvenience of shuffling between two separate locations.

Goodstart kindergarten - preschool offers your child:

  • Great preparation for primary school.
  • Quality kindergarten/preschool experiences, every day.
  • A learning program based on the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Qualified early childhood teachers.
  • Separate kindergarten - preschool spaces within our long day care environment.
  • Flexibility in terms of meeting their needs, and yours.
We also offer you access to relevant Government-funded childcare benefits/rebates.

Our early childhood teachers

In keeping with state and federal requirements, all Goodstart kindergarten - preschools offer teachers with university qualifications in early childhood teaching.

But of course, that’s only the beginning. Our kindergarten - preschool teachers also have a real love of children, along with the ongoing support of early childhood qualified educators who are equally passionate about the wellbeing of all children in our centres.

Our aim is to provide each child with a superior learning experience, by offering a personalised approach to learning based on their specific strengths and expectations.

Fees and rebates

Understanding the fees and rebates associated with kindergarten - preschool in Australia can get confusing.

While all our centres will be able to provide you with specific information and detail regarding fees and rebates, the following information may help too:

The child care benefit (CCB)
The Child Care Benefit is a payment from the Australian Government that helps you with the cost of your childcare.

Who can get CCB?
From July 1 2009, Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office recognises all couples (opposite-sex and same-sex). You may be eligible for CCB if you are a parent, relationship parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending childcare services approved by, or registered with, the Government.

How much CCB will we receive?
This depends on:

  • Your income.
  • The type of care you use (approved or registered).
  • The amount of care you use.
  • The reason you are using care.
  • How many of your children are in care.

What is the child care rebate (CCR)?
The CCR is a payment from the Government that helps working families with the cost of childcare. If you’re using approved childcare and meet the work-study test, the Government will provide you with 50% of your out-of-pocket childcare costs, up to the annual cap of $7,500 per child.

Is there anything else we can claim?
Some families may also be eligible for additional government funding, depending on which state you live in. To find out about the funding options in your state, please click on the relevant link below:

Need to know more?
Simply enquire at one of our centres.

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