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Real stories from our centres

Real stories from our centres

We’re changing lives, big and small. We’re people with purpose. Together, we can make a difference.

We think big at Goodstart. We use our voice to advocate for children and families. We lobby government to secure more funding for early learning. And we’re always working on new services and new approaches to give children and families better outcomes.

Did you know?

We draw on the best-available research evidence to ensure our teaching practices meet the individual needs and circumstances of each child and family.

We design contemporary curricula to achieve positive outcomes for children’s language development, thinking skills, and social-emotional and physical wellbeing.

We have developed our own practice guide and framework, which defines our approach to professional early learning and helps us embed the Early Years Learning Framework.

And we’re involved in a variety of significant early years’ research projects, adding to the evidence base of what works best for young children.

Check out these real life stories from our centres.


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