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Preservice Teacher Placement FAQs

Preservice Teacher Placement FAQs

When can I apply for a placement in a Goodstart centre? 

We will be actively taking requests twice during the year via the Placement Application page, in February (for placements to take place between March to July this year) and July (placements to take place between August to December this year). This is to ensure we can manage placement load in centres effectively.

Why have preservice teacher placement processes changed?

In response to the pandemic, we have made changes to our processes. We have a state-based register of where all preservice teachers are placed. We need to ensure that we can provide the best possible information and protection for our children and families, teachers and educators and preservice teachers placed in centres.

Do I need to apply if the placement does not require learning and teaching with young children (e.g. placements about leadership or management, supporting families and communities)

All preservice teacher placements in centres, regardless of whether they are directly related to teaching or otherwise need to follow the same application process via the Placement Application page.

Can I approach a centre directly about a preservice teacher placement?

Centres have been advised to provide any preservice teachers or university/approved providers of early childhood initial teacher education degrees looking for placements with the link to this web page. This includes Goodstart employees interested in a placement at a Goodstart centre. All placements will be considered through the national Preservice Teacher Placement Program.

How will I know of the outcome of my application to complete a preservice teacher placement at a Goodstart Early Learning centre?

When you have completed the application process, the state-based Teacher Program Manager will contact you. It is important to note that while every effort is made to accommodate placement applications, not all requests can be met.

What happens to preservice teachers who have a medical exemption for immunisations and/or vaccinations?

If you are unable to be immunised and/or vaccinated for medical reasons, to be considered for a placement, you will be required to provide a letter from your medical practitioner or complete a medical exemption on the Australian Immunisation Record stating you are unable to be immunised and/or vaccinated for medical reasons. This letter will need to be submitted to the state-based Teacher Program Manager and will be reviewed and approved by the Goodstart National Safe Work and Wellbeing Manager prior to your placement application being considered. If approved, the preservice teacher will not be able to complete a placement in a Goodstart nursery room or at a centre with immunocompromised staff or children.

What about mature-age preservice teachers whose immunisations and/or vaccinations were completed in a time prior to records being kept electronically and have instead a paper copy?

Preservice teachers will need to provide evidence of immunisation and/or vaccination before their application for a placement at a Goodstart centre can be considered. This can include a copy of the Australian Immunisation Record or a letter from their medical practitioner confirming immunity and their interpretation of a pathology report confirming immunity.

What about preservice teachers who have a philosophical objection to immunisations and/or vaccinations?

We have a non-negotiable policy on Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Whooping Cough, Influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations.  The safety, health and wellbeing of our Goodstarters, children and families is our priority and vaccinations is one way we achieve this. Preservice teachers with philosophical objections would not be able to complete a placement with Goodstart Early Learning.

What if I am allocated a centre where there isn’t a teacher in the room with me?

You will have access to an identified Supervising Teacher at the centre who will work with the Senior Educator in the room to support you while you are on placement.

Why aren’t new graduate teachers supporting preservice teacher placements?

At Goodstart we believe that new graduate teachers need to be given time and support to develop their professional identity, knowledge, practice and engagement in their early career of being a teacher and moving to full/proficient teacher registration/accreditation (as per state-based requirements). Therefore, we want to support them with this focus by giving them the time and space to grow. There may be a new graduate teacher in the centre you are completing placement at – find time to chat together about their experiences and what they have learnt so far on their teaching journey.

I am a Goodstart employee, what supports are available to me to complete a preservice teacher placement?

Goodstart employees have an opportunity to access our THRIVE Program that supports educators studying to become teachers.  For further information about the program email


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