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Dalby renovation a community affair

Dalby renovation a community affair

A bouquet of flowers made from hub caps and road work signs for the truck enthusiasts feature as part of a playground upgrade at Goodstart Dalby.

Educator Amber Lees, who started with the centre about five months ago, said while the existing playground was large, it had plenty of room for improvement.

“The playground really needed a makeover and we wanted to make it more inviting for the children at our centre, their families and the rest of the community because you can see the area from the road,” Ms Lees said.

She contacted the Western Downs Regional Council and asked them if they had any street signs they could donate to the centre.

“They’ve given us about 10 signs which they had been collecting for us including a children crossing sign, a floodway sign, and a give way sign.”


“A lot of the children here really love playing with the large trucks in the playground so we wanted to collaborate with them and keep the theme going. We’ve also used tyres donated from Tyre Right throughout as garden beds and borders, and old licence plates as decorations. “

The team at the centre bought the woodchip, and the educators took in clipping from their own gardens. Hubcaps were donated by the local wrecker’s yard.

“We did all of the work in two days with help from the children who transferred soil from one garden to another. They have loved working on the project and have been really looking after the plants since we finished it,” Ms Lees said.

“The families absolutely love it and have been giving us great suggestions on the next part of the renovation. I have plans to create another garden now, hopefully with pipes on the wall for sand play.”

Ms Lees said the renovated playground offered the children plenty of shady spaces outside.

“And the other benefit of the work has been that we’ve all worked together on this project and it’s bought up a lot of conversations. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved.”


Posted by Goodstart
06 December 2016

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