Family Handbook - Enrolling your child | Goodstart

This is an exciting time for you and your child. Every child should have at least one orientation visit prior to starting at their centre so they can get to know the educators and the environment. Multiple visits spread over different times of the day are encouraged, so you can get a feel for how the centre operates.

A specific time will be made for your family to meet with the Centre Director and educators. You will be introduced to the daily operations of the centre including things like staff rosters and family events. You will be invited to discuss your expectations of the centre with the Centre Director, and talk to your child’s educator about your aspirations and expectations for your child. Also, things like programs and practices within the room, children’s routines and rhythms, will all be explained to you.

During the orientation visits, your child will meet the children at the centre so they can begin to form relationships and become familiar and comfortable in their new environment. They will join in on activities and meals happening that day, and find out important information about the centre, like where to find the toilets, playground, and where to place their belongings.