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Changes to your child’s regular booked days

We will do everything possible to support the changing needs of families and their children. Two weeks’ written notice is required to change or cancel your child’s regular booked days of attendance. If your child does not attend their last sessions of care, you will be charged full fees for the days they are absent.

Swap days

If you would like to swap your child’s regular days, and the alternative days you want are available in the same week, this can be offered at your Centre Director’s discretion. We will notify you during the week prior if we are able to accommodate your request, as vacancies cannot be confirmed until this time. If your child does not attend on the requested alternative days, or if the requested alternative days are not available and your child does not attend on their regular days, your usual charges will apply for the absence.

Additional days

Additional days can be requested at any time and taken immediately if available. If unavailable, your request for additional days can be added to your centre’s waiting list.