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Sun safety

It’s important for all our educators and children to receive a healthy Ultra Violet (UV) exposure and to be suitably protected from sun damage at the same time. Our educators always model sun-safe behaviour and promote sun protection measures to help children learn about sun safety, and everyone is encouraged to wear hats and suitable clothing in outdoor environments.

To make certain your child is suitably protected from the sun, please provide them with the following items:

  • A sun–safe hat that protects your child’s face, neck and ears. A legionnaire, broad– brimmed or bucket hat is suitable. Baseball caps do not have broad brims or cover your child’s neck so do not provide sufficient protection and would not be a suitable hat for outdoor play.
  • Protective clothing that covers as much of your child’s skin as possible.
  • If your child has known skin allergies to certain sunscreens, we ask you provide a suitable alternative to ensure they are comfortable and that you have peace of mind.

Individual Australian states have specific sun safety requirements. Our educators will ensure your state’s sun protection measures are applied in accordance with individual state and Cancer Council recommendations, as per below:

  • ACT: Sun protection is necessary for part or most of each day between August to May when Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR) levels reach three and above. Minimise outdoor activities and events as much as reasonably practicable between 11am–3pm during the daylight saving period.
  • NSW: Sun protection measures at all times from October to March, and between 10am–2pm during April to September. Minimise outdoor activities between 11am–3pm during daylight saving.
  • NT: Sun protection is required all year round as UVR is always high (6–7), very high (8–10) or extreme (11+) during peak UV periods between 10am–3pm. As the UVR levels are often above three outside of peak UV periods, the UVR level must be checked daily to ascertain when sun protection is required outside peak UV periods.
  • QLD: Sun protection measures required all year round. Plan outdoor activities wherever practicable before 10am and after 3pm, all year round.
  • SA: Sun protection measures from September to April with particular care between 10am–3pm.
  • TAS: Sun protection measures are required from mid–September to mid– April. Active outdoor play is encouraged throughout the year.
  • VIC: Sun protection measures September to April. Active outdoor play is encouraged throughout the year, ensuring appropriate sun protection measures are used when necessary.
  • WA: Sun protection measures are required all year round when the UVR level is three or above.