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NQS4 - Staffing Arrangements

At Goodstart, we ensure legislated staffing ratios and qualification requirements are met at all times. We are also committed to ensuring our workforce is appropriately motivated and experienced for its critical role in enhancing children’s learning and development. They achieve this by developing warm, respectful relationships with children, by creating safe environments for children, and by encouraging children’s active engagement in their learning programs. To view our NQS4 - Staffing Arrangements Policy click here.

Key Goodstart policies in this area include the following topic:

Students and Volunteers

Goodstart encourages the appropriate engagement of both work experience and volunteer persons in our centres. Work experience students are generally studying towards an early childhood qualification and are placed in centres to acquire practical knowledge through interaction with staff and children. Goodstart may also support approved persons for volunteer work in our centres to gain experience in the sector. To protect the health, safety and wellbeing of children at our centres, any work experience students or volunteers are required to meet state-based screening requirements and copies of all results and relevant working with children checks are kept at the centre.