Family Handbook - The age of discovery | Goodstart

Early learning for 2 to 3 year olds

Theirs is a world full of big ideas to discover, explore and learn. Children of this age group are eager to use their newly-discovered independence and we design our program to help them find opportunities for starting conversations, sharing ideas, finding out about their environment, asking questions and making friends. Different interests and skills become clearer, and our educators use this knowledge to help your child learn about new concepts and ideas.

New connections are happening in your child’s brain at an extraordinary rate now, and the basic pathways that were laid in their infant and toddler stages are becoming more varied and complex. Our educators help enhance this development and stimulate your child’s imagination by guiding them through creative learning experiences and new intellectual challenges.

Building on skills already developed, our educators design stimulating play-based learning experiences to help children develop new skills around literacy, maths, science, social competence and physical development, and introduce opportunities for your child to discover new skills and interests.