Family Handbook - Play Based Learning | Goodstart

Making children’s learning visible

We record and collect each child’s experiences, observations, ideas and creative expressions to help us build a rich and individual learning program.

Children are active learners and they learn naturally through exploration – by touching, moving, listening, seeing and experiencing. Our educator’s roles are to support and enrich your child’s learning by:

  • Providing resources and opportunities for children to explore.
  • Using materials, such as paint, clay, musical instruments and writing implements for children to express themselves.
  • Questioning and encouraging children to think creatively, investigate and solve problems.
  • Making learning ‘visible’ – that is, by using cameras, video recorders and written observations to document your child’s thoughts and ideas as they learn. We collect their experiences, comments, ideas, learning stories, photos, and observations. Our educators use this information to develop an individually tailored learning program for your child across the five learning areas detailed in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF – see page 14). You are encouraged to contribute information about what your child is doing and learning outside Goodstart as this continuity between home and early learning can greatly enhance your child’s learning and development.