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Goodstart's good news

The best way to share our story is via the voices of many in centres across the country.

100 Days of Early Learning is a launch season involving everyone starting on November 15. It’s a celebration of our new vision and its benefit to Australia’s children. It’s also an invitation to start an inspiring new conversation among staff, parents and community partners on what’s to come.

It’s also in keeping with our focus on our wonderful centres, rather than a one-day corporate style launch.

Raising the quality of early learning is
 everyone’s business. It’s so much bigger than us, but Goodstart Early Learning has an important role to play.

November 15 is just the first step. Telling this story is much more than announcing a name change, more than talking about logos, more than a single day, more than just fanfare. It’s the birth of Goodstart’s contribution to national efforts to raise the quality of early learning.