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Businesses asked to secure the future of children

Businesses asked to secure the future of children

Australian businesses are being asked to secure their future by helping all children to receive affordable, quality early learning.

ReadyNation, an international business organisation of executives focussed on improving the global economy and workforces through increased investment in early learning, is in establishing a chapter in Australia.

The organisation’s Global Director Sara Watson (pictured below) said Australia, like many other countries, wanted to improve the quality of its workforce and business leaders realised that an investment in early childhood is vital in achieving that goal.

Dr Watson said there was clear evidence that quality early learning was vital in a child’s ability to succeed later in life 

“If you are not ready for school at age five you are must less likely to be reading on grade level at age eight, which is a critical turning point for young children when they change from learning how to read to using reading in order to learn,’ Dr Watson said.

“And the data shows that if they are not reading at grade level by about age eight they are much less likely to graduate from high school and that’s the bare minimum of training for someone to have a reasonable shot at a career and a life where they can support themselves and a family.’’

The organisation has been successful in the United States with members being part of campaigns that have secured more than $3billion in new money for early childhood education during the past three years.
Dr Watson said the Australian context was similar to the US.

“I think your political system is similar in some ways to that in the US in that there are important decision makers both in the executive branch and the legislative branch who make important decisions about funding for early childhood and if we can share good information from powerful messengers we think it will make a difference.

“The basic principle of developing information that builds the case that investments in early childhood are not a luxury, are not a cost, but rather an investment, we think will be the same as in the US."

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Posted by Goodstart
16 August 2016

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