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Children turn tables on police

Children turn tables on police

Children at Goodstart Clayton were treated to a visit from two police officers on Friday, July 1, who talked to them about road safety, the importance of wearing seatbelts and their role in the community.

Centre director Kashmira Bhathena said the children sat in the police car, turned on the siren and wore the officer’s hats.

“They had a great time with the officers, who were here for about 45 minutes,” Ms Bhathena said. “One of the most important aspects of the visit was for the police to talk to the children about their role in the community.”

The Clayton children will be treated with another excursion on July 13, when they visit a local pizza restaurant.

Ms Bhathena said about 30 children from the centre would walk to the shop, learn about the process of making pizza, and gather essential literacy and numeracy skills at the same time.

“We’ll talk about measurements and about what happens when you add water to flour. It’s an informal way of learning the essential skills that the children will take with them to school,” Ms Bhathena said. “And the children will also get to try the pizza while they’re there.”

The children are also visited by an early literacy educator every Friday and have a visit from the local fire station in coming weeks. 

 “These excursions are important to build strong connections between the childcare centre and the community,“ Ms Bhathena said.


Posted by Goodstart
04 July 2016

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