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Delivering positive programs has great outcomes

Delivering positive programs has great outcomes

A desire to deliver positive language, social and emotional outcomes for children has resulted in the development of a new program at Goodstart Toowoomba Healy Street.

Centre director Judy Anderson said she was interested in providing opportunities to maximise the children’s learning, development and wellbeing.

“It’s a very simple idea but we started laminating photos of the educators and put them at the entrance of the centre so the children could see which teachers would be on duty that day, and at what times,” Ms Anderson said.

“We’ve also introduced the concept of a safe person so the children know exactly who to go to if they are having issues throughout the day.”

Ms Anderson has also introduced a 12-month roster system so the children get in to a routine and know who will be at the centre every day.

“We came up the idea after the Family Connection training where we learnt about building relationships with the children and introducing welcoming spaces."

The team looked at how their processes could be improved and came up with the idea of “safe people” and photos to reassure children.

“We had one child who came here from a difficult situation and he wasn't coping. Within about two weeks of introducing the program, he was a lot more settled and now knows he is safe here. It just shows how a little bit of reassurance can make such a huge difference to these children.”

As part of the centre’s commitment to enhance outcomes for children in vulnerable circumstances, the centre also has a bus which picks up about 20 children a day and takes them to the centre, and drops them off at home in the afternoon.

“We had one child who never wanted to go on the bus so we sent his teacher out to get him one day and he was fine after that. It’s a very simple process but it really seems to work.”

She said children at the centre with a strong connection to their community often enjoyed their childcare experience more and settled quickly.


Posted by Goodstart
01 September 2016

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