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Have your say in 2019

Have your say in 2019

Parents and guardians are being encouraged to take part in early learning lobby group Smart Start's annual Holiday Survey.

By completing the annual survey, Smart Start will be as informed as possible as they kick off another year of campaigning for all Australian children. With a Federal Election on the horizon, 2019 is due to be a big year!
Click here to take the Holiday Survey now.

The Holiday Survey is a great way for all parents to have their say about their early learning experiences – where ever children are enrolled.  It’s anonymous and only takes a few minutes.

About Smart Start
Smart Start is a movement of parents and educators who fight for quality, affordable early learning for all Australian children.

Where they started
The Smart Start campaign launched in 2014 in response to changes to the National Quality Framework.
They are now a movement of over 26,000 parents and educators from all across the nation.

What they have done
After winning the National Quality Framework, they focused on securing childcare funding so all Australian children have access to quality, affordable early education.

In 2017, this legislation passed, meaning secured funding and a big win for families and children.

Where Smart Start is going
The Smart Start campaign continues to actively campaign for quality early learning to make Australia smarter, fairer and more prosperous.

We’ve come a long way but there is still so much more to do. Early learning has the opportunity to unlock our nation’s potential, but there are barriers that still prevent many families from accessing quality childcare.

If you are interested to learn more about Smart Start, please visit their website:


Posted by Goodstart
15 January 2019

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