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Making it fairer for families

Making it fairer for families

Goodstart Early Learning became the first large early learning provider to cease charging on public holidays when Chief Executive Officer Julia Davison announced in December a change to the public holiday policy, following feedback from families.

Families who usually attend on a Wednesday were the first to benefit with New Year’s Day falling on a Wednesday this year.  The change meant these families were no longer paying for something they couldn’t use -  a welcome relief this time of year.

Goodstart parent Carly Addison said she was pleased to read the new policy regarding public holidays.

“This is a welcome change. I always found it disappointing that the public holiday charge was out of our control,” Carly said.

“I am sure other families feel the same way.”

Goodstart East Perth Centre Director Lela Mrdak said families sought flexibility and affordability and she often received feedback from families regarding the fee for public holidays.

“Families paid for public holidays when care was not possible on those days.”

Lela said that not charging for public holidays was in line with Goodstart’s philosophy and vision.

“I have worked for Goodstart for over 10 years and this is a fantastic step,” Lela added.

Prior to the policy change many families would avoid Mondays as they did not wish to pay for something they could not use. 

This year four of the nine nationally observed public holidays fall on a Monday, however in 2021 more public holidays will fall between Tuesday and Thursday. This change will remove this factor for parents and carers when choosing days to enrol children. 

Goodstart Early Learning has 665 centres nationally. At Goodstart, we are committed to giving every child the best possible start in life. Our quality early learning programs help children build the social-emotional, language and thinking skills they need to be successful in school and life. Children are encouraged to explore, discover, experience, and above-all have fun.

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Posted by Goodstart
03 January 2020

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