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Music program ignites passion

Music program ignites passion

A music and movement performance called A Swag Full of Instruments has ignited a passion for all things musical in the preschool children at Goodstart Early Learning Young.

Through music and movement, the children experienced the sounds of instruments from Australia, Africa, the Middle East, Italy, Brittany, Ireland, Hawaii, China, Spain and America.

The centre's assistant director Amy Ryan said she recognised the important role that music plays in children’s learning and development.

“We felt this was a great way to explore cultures through music (and have some fun too!). The show was amazing and the children absolutely loved it,” Ms Ryan said.

Since A Swag Full of Instrument's Greg Dimmock's visit to the centre, the children have continued to learn, using their interactive whiteboard to match the name of each instrument with its sound, creating their own band using blocks and other objects as instruments.

They have been playing the centre's acoustic guitar and making instruments out of recycled products. 

Student Georgia said she loved the performance, saying "he told us all of his instruments were asleep and we had to wake them up." Brax said he was "a very funny man. I liked the drums best".



Posted by Goodstart
09 November 2016

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