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Packing a healthy lunchbox

Packing a healthy lunchbox

Did you know that children eat about 30 per cent of their daily food intake at childcare and school?
It’s an important figure to remember when you’re packing a healthy lunchbox for your child each day. Focusing on healthy fun foods that will help them keep their energy up during the day is essential but it doesn’t have to be difficult.
In many cases, it’s just a matter of being organized and planning ahead. Children aged about four years old should aim for about one and half serves of fruit a day, with one being a medium orange or a handful of grapes.
Children should have one to two serves of dairy which could include a glass of milk or some cheese.  Four serves of carbohydrates are recommended, such as cereals and grain. One slice could include one slice of bread or a wholegrain wrap. And about a serve of protein is optimal, or about 80g cooked lean chicken or turkey.

The ideal lunchbox includes:

  • A main lunch item such as a sandwich, a roll, wrap or salad-based on grains such as pasta, rice of quinoa.
  • A nutritious snack which could be a cold chicken drumstick, crackers with cheese, vegetable sticks and hommus, or a tub of yoghurt.
  • A piece of in-season fresh fruit
  • A drink – water is always best. In summer, freeze the drink bottle the night before so that it stays cold.
Remember to place an ice pack in their lunch box which will help prevent the growth of bacteria and keep it cool until lunchtime.
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Posted by Goodstart
17 October 2016

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