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The long-term benefits of early learning

The long-term benefits of early learning

Many studies agree about the importance of the first five years of a child’s life. Participating in a quality early learning program, like the ones delivered at Goodstart centres, has long-term impacts on cognitive and social development. Research shows children who attend high quality early learning programs outperform their peers who didn’t attend.

Australian outcomes in comparison to other developed countries

PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests show that Australia’s educational performance scores are declining in the areas of reading, mathematics and science. This tells us that something is missing from the educational landscape in Australia.

So what are the high-performing countries doing that Australia is not?

In Australia, just one in seven children attends early learning for three years. Compare this to Finland, where almost half of children attend for three years.

Participation rates are even greater in the Russian Federation, and higher again in Hong Kong and Singapore. These countries are setting new standards for participation in early learning.

Participation matters because children with three years of pre-primary learning under their belts scored 50 points higher than those who did not attend at all. This tells us that participating in a quality early learning program could be a factor that gives children a significant head start when they start school.


How you can help improve these outcomes

By ensuring you enrol your child at an early learning centre that has structured programs designed to address key learning areas, you can help them reach their full potential – now and in the future.

Goodstart believes a combination of qualified educators and a play-based learning framework is the key to improving Australian results for education. That’s why we implement the Early Years Learning Framework across every centre.

We also encourage effective partnership and communication between our early learning professionals and families, so children get the benefits offered by consistent and effective learning strategies.

The early years of a child’s life are critical to their development. Their social and cognitive outcomes can be heavily impacted by the quality and amount of early learning they participate in. Enrolling your child in early learning means you are giving them the tools they need to succeed.

If we don’t invest in our youngest generation, Australia will continue to fall behind the rest of the developed world. We are passionate about raising the standard of education across Australia.

Learn more about how Goodstart is trying to close the gap by calling us on 1800 222 543.


Posted by Goodstart
18 September 2015

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