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Through the educator’s eyes: Margaret

Through the educator’s eyes: Margaret

Margaret is a preschool/ kindergarten educator for Goodstart Early Learning. She believes play is the centre of children’s learning and she always aims to teach using this philosophy.

There are many things Margaret likes about teaching pre-schoolers. “I really enjoy teaching this age group. They’re uninhibited, they’re honest, they’re just developing their sense of humour, and I really want them to learn and want to learn.”

Preschool to school – smooth transitions

Margaret also thinks children are generally more capable than they are often given credit for.

“The transition to school is a very important part of my job. We try and encourage the parents to read books to their children and we do a lot of literacy in our room.”

She goes on to say that educators work to build children’s self-help skills in a variety of tasks so that they have the confidence to take care of themselves as they enter the next phase of their education. “We also encourage them to help each other. So putting on the art aprons – they help each other doing that.”

Positive social skills are critical

Margaret emphasises the importance of good social skills before entering primary school. “Social skills are crucial for the children for when they go to school. At the end of the year, I go into the schools where our children are feeding into. I know the teachers really well, they know me well now."

“We send a piece of their artwork into the school system and the schools display it on the walls for our children so that when they go in they see something of theirs and it helps them to ease their nerves – helps them to feel more at home. I really enjoy going to the orientation day with the children.”

Literacy is the key to communication

A passion for books inspires Margaret to share her love of the written word with the children she cares for.

“I’m very, very passionate about literacy and I have a very big collection of books, but they’re books that I love. So I want to encourage teachers to read books that they love, that they are passionate about. You cannot read a book to a child if you do not like it. So the children are not going to pick up on your passion.”

Margaret believes that encouraging children to love learning is the most essential element of her job. Every early learning professional at Goodstart Early Learning aims to teach children about the world in a way that brings learning to life.


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Posted by Goodstart
18 September 2015

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