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Every moment counts with Goodstart

The early years are important; we're with you through them all.

Goodstart offers high-quality early learning childcare, preschool and kindergarten for children from 6 weeks to school age.

Enrolments are open for 2024

We know you're busy. We also know deciding on childcare and early education is a huge task. Whether you're returning to work after parental leave, or getting your preschooler ready for learning, we know this choice is important to you, and we're here to help. If you have any questions about enrolment for next year, call our Family Services Team and ask them. You probably have a lot of questions, so write them all down. They'll be across government requirements and subsidies for your family, so remember to ask about those. 

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We're for high quality play-based learning 

Let's look at our early childhood education approach. We’ll tell you what we do and how it benefits your child in the first five years before starting school. 

  • Our play-based programs support children's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. 
  • We're led by the Australian Early Learning Years Framework. This means we're endorsed, guided and accountable to the gold standard in Australian early childhood education. 
  • Research shows play-based learning is the most effective way to support children's development.  
  • The benefits of early years play-based learning carry through to school and beyond.  
  • Our qualified teachers design and deliver high-quality play-based programs tailored to your child's interests and needs.  
  • All our kindergarten and preschool teachers are bachelor qualified.  

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We’re for preparing children for school and life!  

  • We help build the developmental skills that prepare them for formal schooling (school readiness).  
  • We assess and review their progress leading up to school to ensure they're on track.  
  • We build out routines that support their growing independence. 
  • We encourage them to become confident and active classroom participants. 
  • They learn how to get along with others and be a good friend - the best life skill! 

Preschool and kindergarten are the same programs nationally. Whether your child is going to kindergarten (also kinder or kindy) or preschool will depend on which state you live in. You can also find out more by downloading our kindergarten guide or our preschool guide.

What's in it for you? Great value! 

  • We'll help you customise your sessions to get bang for your buck and maximum value for your childcare subsidy.  
  • You can choose 9-hour, 10-hour or all-day sessions because everyone's different, and families grow and change.  

Maybe you’ve got more questions? No worries! Call our amazing Family Services Team or visit book a tour at your local centre and ask away. 

You can also send us your query or make an appointment to visit your local centre below. 

Contact us for more information by selecting Enquire Now. To meet and chat with one of our wonderful centre directors, find your nearest centre and book a time to pop in. Just select Book a tour.

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