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Safety Commitment

At Goodstart our safety commitment is not just about being safe, it's about feeling culturally and psychologically safe.

Safety wraps around everything that we do at Goodstart. When we talk about safety, we mean ALL safety, including safeguarding children from neglect, abuse and harm. It’s also not just about being safe, it is about feeling safe from a cultural and psychological point of view as well.

Our Safety Commitment imagery is an important symbol of our commitment to protecting all Goodstarters and children from harm, as well as our connection to the communities in which we work.

Our commitment is a personal choice that is made on a daily basis by each and every Goodstarter.

Our safety commitment

Safety starts with each of us - but at Goodstart it is more than that. Empowering all children and Goodstarters to feel safe and be safe is who we are and what we do.

It's part of being a Goodstarter.

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