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Our inclusion commitment

Goodstart's commitment to inclusion goes beyond our centres, to actively supporting our sector by collaborating, advocating and taking affirmative action to address vulnerability.

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Goodstart’s inclusion goal is to enhance outcomes for children in vulnerable circumstances.  Our strategy is underpinned by a universal platform with targeted support structures in vulnerable communities. Beyond our day-to-day work within centres, we actively support our sector by collaborating, advocating and taking affirmative action to address vulnerability.

In selected centres, we implement and/or coordinate targeted programs and support services, as well as participate in new service models, to support families, address vulnerability and deliver enhanced learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for children.

Our educators are at the heart of our social inclusion work, passionately ensuring all children and families have meaningful access to early learning services in our centres.

As an organisation, we continually invest in our people to build their capability to support our families and children. With relevant expertise and experience, our people play a vital role in delivering enhanced outcomes for vulnerable children and families.

Collaboration with the early learning sector

We collaborate with the early learning sector to advocate for children and families and take affirmative action by implementing new initiatives beyond our existing centres in partnership with others.

We’re driven by local community needs

All our social inclusion programs and initiatives are driven by local community needs. With this community-minded approach, we ensure all children and families feel welcome, can meaningfully participate in our early learning programs, and more children and families experiencing vulnerability enrol and stay in our care.

Our areas of focus

For Goodstart, children who are vulnerable are those children at risk of not achieving the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life by the time they commence school.

Cohorts of children that Goodstart considers vulnerable align with the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) framework and include children:

  • From low socio economic status (SES) backgrounds
  • With a disability or condition
  • In the child protection system (in out of home care or known to children protection)
  • From culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, in particular newly arrive via refugee or humanitarian programs
  • Who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Goodstart enhances children’s learning, development and wellbeing and strengthens support for their families through universal and targeted programs across six key domains:

  • Building strong family partnerships
  • Becoming community connected
  • Respecting and celebrating diversity
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Accessing specialist support
  • Improving organisational systems.

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