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  • Danielle and Dylan


    "My son has attended Goodstart Rockingham for over a year and has had incredible learning opportunities. The centre feels like home for our son and we can’t thank Lou and the read more educators enough."

  • Aza


    "I have a 4 and 2-year-old that have been at this centre for the last 3 years. My children love attending this centre, they are so happy and have a fantastic bond with their read more educators. The preschool room teacher Kathleen is a qualified school teacher and has been in the centre for a long time and is outstanding. The second staff member in preschool is fairly new and is a lovely new addition to the centre. I am so fortunate that the same educator Nidhi that took care of my little girl in the baby room is now taking care of my son in the toddlers’ room. Other staff in toddlers’ room Keith and Jayanti are both amazing as well. This continuation in primary care for my family has been great, all educators in both preschool and toddler room are exceptional. The centre has a lovely new director Marlene. She is very attentive, supportive and always has time for families. This centre gets a thumbs up from me. It’s an extension of my family and my home."

  • Sarah


    "The St. Leonards Goodstart team are some of the most welcoming and caring people I have ever had the privilege to know. The educators are dedicated to knowing my child as a read more person and eager to see her progress and thrive. They take the time to consider my daughter's skills and work to encourage her further development in the areas she shows promise in. My daughter speaks about each of them as if they are a part of her family and in many ways they are. The centre itself has undergone some beautiful changes, feeling extremely welcoming. The centre manager is willing to listen to our suggestions and feedback and actively implements these ideas. We are very happy to be a part of the St Leonards Goodstart community!"

  • Donna


    "Very impressed on how organised, clean and bright the centre was. The carers all seemed to be genuinely happy and very attentive. I will be booking my child in as soon as read more possible. "

  • Mahmoud


    "I really feel that my son feels happy and safe at Goodstart,. Everyday he's telling me what he does which makes me feel so good that he's learning something new everyday."

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