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  • Danielle and Dylan


    "My son has attended Goodstart Rockingham for over a year and has had incredible learning opportunities. The centre feels like home for our son and we can’t thank Lou and the read more educators enough."

  • Natasha


    "My daughter has been attending Goodstart Pimpama for about a year. I have found the staff are very welcoming and friendly and genuinely interested in the development and day read more to day care/ need of not just my daughter but all the kids in their care. I like their rotational food selection menu as it gives variety. I have also found the communication is open and transparent which makes it important and vital. Another great tool available is the ability to view of stories and pictures of what she is doing."

  • Anita


    "We love how our daughter’s teachers this year and last have taken the time to get to know her on a personal level and built positive relationships with her so she feels safe read more , secure and supported with them. Her Educators have included her interests and any special events into the daily program and made her feel like she has value as an individual. Whenever we have had any issues with our daughter we have always felt comfortable in discussing it with her Educators in developing a plan moving forward to overcome these issues. As we are both are full time working parents it is good to know that she is receiving an education that challenges and empowers her while she is having fun and making friends."

  • Lauren


    "Goodstart Turner have been fantastic with helping me toilet train my daughter. They are open to suggestions, provide insights of their own, and always communicate with me read more about her daily routine. My son in the nursery has a beautiful relationship with his educators. They are warm and gentle, and I receive an update about his day at pickup which is lovely. It’s great to have educators who can provide this level of detail and who really care."

  • Amanda


    "My daughters Kindergarten teachers have been everything I could ask for; supportive, caring, sensitive and sincere. She has treasured the last year and is ready to start prep read more thanks to them. I really appreciate your willingness to allow me to be a part of her year and I can’t empathise enough how I appreciate the centre accommodating our cultural beliefs. You both have worked beautifully as a team and the endless hours of preparation and organisation into each and every day doesn’t go unnoticed. We will really miss 2018 and we are thankful for all the fond memories. "

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