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Kindergarten and preschool at Goodstart

Our play-based programs offer a great start for school and the best start to life!

Our kindergarten and preschool programs are designed and delivered by bachelor-qualified teachers. They give children the skills and confidence they need to prepare them for school and for life. With 660 centres across Australia, you’ll likely find a Goodstart kindergarten or preschool near you.

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Why choose us?  

We know you're busy. We also know that choosing a kindergarten or preschool is a huge decision. It's one you want to get right, and we’re here to help.  

Let's look at our kindergarten and preschool programs. We’ll tell you what we do, how it benefits your child, you and your family.  At Goodstart, we’re for all Australian children having the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life.  



We’re for high-quality early learning

  • All our kindergarten and preschool teachers are bachelor qualified.  
  • We're led by the Australian Early Learning Years Framework, the gold standard in Australian early childhood education.  

  • Nationally, we're approved by the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). 

  • We have the Victorian Government Kinder tick. 

  • We have the Queensland Government Kindy tick.  

We’re for a play-based early learning approach  

  • Play supports children's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. 

  • Research shows a play-based learning is the most effective way to support children's development.  

  • The benefits of early years play-based learning carry through to school and beyond.  

  • Our qualified teachers design and deliver high-quality play-based programs tailored to your child's interests and needs.  

We’re for preparing children for school and life!   


  • We help build the developmental skills that prepare them for formal schooling (school readiness).  

  • We assess and review their developmental progress leading up to school to ensure they're on track.  

  • They'll learn to question, solve problems, and experiment across the curriculum areas.  

  • We build out routines that support their growing independence. 

  • We encourage them to become confident and active classroom participants. 

  • They learn how to get along with others and be a good friend - the best life skill! 

We’re for providing great value

  • We'll help you customise your sessions to get bang for your buck and maximum value for your childcare subsidy.  

  • You can choose 9-hour, 10-hour or all-day sessions because everyone's different, and families grow and change.  

Want to know more? Download one of our kindy guides or a preschool guide 

Find somewhere quiet (the impossible dream with kids!) and have a read.

Maybe you’ve got more questionsNo worries! Call our amazing Family Services Team or visit your local centre and ask away. 

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