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Is your child starting Kindergarten in 2022? Enrolments are open now!

As a parent of a three or four-year-old, now is the time to consider your options for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting year for children as they become more confident and independent learners, ready to learn new information and develop the skills to support them for school and life.

Why Goodstart Kindergarten?
  • Play-based learning programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework and designed and delivered by Bachelor-qualified teachers
  • Individualised care and education, recognising each child’s unique learning journey
  • Flexibility for families with longer hours, five days a week
  • More opportunity for children to learn, build relationships, and prepare for school
  • Added extras to make life easier, like meals, extra-curricular activities, and hats and kindy t-shirt

You can enrol your 3-year-old now in our Pre Kindy program to get them ready for Kindergarten!

We go beyond the traditional 9am – 3pm

If you’re a working family, the inflexible hours of some Kindergarten programs can be hard to manage. This is where our Kindergarten program can help. You get wraparound care for up to 12 hours a day, so your child can attend Kindergarten with the flexible longer hours you need.
At Goodstart, you can choose which days you would like your child to attend Kindergarten, as our program runs five days a week. So, if your child is enrolled three to five days per week, they will get additional Kindergarten learning time compared to those who only attend the minimum 2.5 days per week.
We’re open 52 weeks a year, so no school holiday breaks either - taking the stress out of childcare during the holidays.

We offer the extras that make life a little easier
Our on-site cooks preparing nutritious meals, so you don’t have to worry about packing lunch boxes. There are extracurricular activities and all kindergarten children receive a polo shirt and a hat.

So, what can you expect from Goodstart’s Kindergarten Program?

At Goodstart we offer our Kindergarten Program through a play-based curriculum using the Early Years Learning Framework, which is delivered by Bachelor-qualified Early Childhood Teachers. This program nurtures children’s collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Play-based learning makes it active and fun for children and helps them develop an openness to learning that lasts well into adult life.

The five broad Kindergarten curriculum areas to support children’s learning and development include:

We know your child and support their individual learning

No two children are the same, that’s what’s so wonderful about them, which is why we don’t have a one size fits all approach to our kindergarten curriculum.

Our longer day format means we can spend more time getting to know your child and can create a learning program that supports them to develop a love for learning.
We build close relationships with nearby schools with dedicated school transition programs to ensure children take that important next step smoothly and with confidence.
Get your 3-year-old ready for Kindergarten
Starting Kindy in 2022? We can help make the transition a smooth one for your child through our Pre Kindy program.
See your child’s independence, language, numeracy and social skills grow through play-based learning, giving them a real head start for Kindergarten.
Book a tour of your nearest centre to find out how we can help get your child ready for Kindergarten.

Enrolments are open for the 2022 Goodstart Kindergarten Program.

With more than 50 centres across Western Australia, there’s likely to be a Goodstart Early Learning centre near you. Book a tour and meet our friendly teams and early childhood teachers.
“As a working parent, I found Goodstart Kindergarten to be the best option for our family as our child was able to attend the Kindergarten program and be cared for up until 6pm every day. It was great to know that he was learning the same curriculum as other Kindy’s with a qualified Teacher and I was happy to receive the transition report at the end of the year to understand how he had progressed. The Teacher at Goodstart also communicated with the School about my son’s progress so that everyone was on the same page. He learnt so much in this year and I feel he has been very well prepared for school in terms of independence and social skills.” Sally, January 2021.

Goodstart Kindergarten Programs prepare children for school and life.
90% of child’s brain development occurs before they start school. International test in literacy (PIRLS) and numeracy and science (TIMMS) for Grade 4 found those who had 3 or more years of early learning scored on average 30-40 points higher in the tests than children who had no early learning.

Your questions answered:

When can my child start kindergarten?

In WA, your child can start kindergarten at the start of the school year (late January) if they turn four by 30 June of that year.Some children may be eligible to start earlier, including children who identify as Aboriginal, children in care, or children with a disability or additional needs. Your child can start pre-Kindy from 3 years of age.

What will my child learn?

Our dynamic, vibrant and inspiring kindergarten programs are designed and delivered by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers. We incorporate play-based learning, which helps children discover, socialise and create all while developing valuable cognitive, physical and social skills. Your child will also be supported to develop early literacy and numeracy skills. At the end of kindergarten your child will be ready to transition to school. For more information about what your child will learn click here.

What hours do you offer?

Our centres offer longer hours and more flexible options than many other kindergartens, including 9 hour, 10 hour and all day sessions. Not only that, we know not all families have the same routine, so our programs are on offer five days a week, 52 weeks a year.

There’s no need to race to pick your child up by 3pm, we offer our Kindergarten program across the entire day. Which means greater flexibility in hours for parents, and more opportunity for us to tune in to when your child learns best.

How much will it cost?

We know that affordability is often top of mind. Our kindergarten program receives government funding (up to 15 hours a week per child), which links in with the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) reducing your out-of-pocket costs. We also don't charge for public holidays. If you need support in navigating your Child Care Subsidy our team is here to assist.

What additional support do you provide ?

We also provide families with assistance to access support services in the areas of speech, language, behaviour, social skills or overall development where needed.  If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s development or learning, please speak to your child’s Teacher

Enrolments are now open for our kindergarten program. 

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