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A Goodstart for Kindy is a great start to school in Western Australia

Enrolments are open for our 2024 Kindy program

Spending at least a year in Kindergarten, ideally in the same class, is one of the best ways to prepare your child for school. With more than 660 centres across Australia, you'll likely find a Goodstart Early Learning centre near you. Download our Kindergarten guide to learn more about our program. We'd love you to pop in and say 'Hi!'.

Play-based is best early learning approach  

Research shows access to quality early learning benefits children throughout their school years. Evidence also supports a play-based learning approach in early years education. Play supports children's intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth and informs our learning at Goodstart.  

Guided by our bachelor-qualified teachers, your child will learn to think independently, problem-solve and work cooperatively — all great skills for school and life!  

We're led by the gold standard in early years education  

Enrolling at a Goodstart kindergarten means you can be confident the program will be led by a bachelor - qualified teacher and your child will benefit from play-based learning. Our Kindergarten program is approved by Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA), and the program complies with Australian guidelines and the National Quality Framework. 

You choose the sessions that work for you  

We provide flexibility and convenience for busy families with longer opening hours, five days a week. We offer Nine-hour, 10-hour and all-day sessions. Our long-day format means our qualified and experienced team can spend more time getting to know your child and can create an individual program that supports them in developing their love for learning. We're also open over school holidays and don't charge for public holidays, hallelujah!  

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We provide meals 

Our cooks prepare healthy meals all day, so you don't have to. You don't have to think about packing a lunch box for at least a whole year. No arguments and food waste for you. How good is that?  

We know your child and support their individual learning 

We will meet them where they are developmentally. We assess and review their progress throughout the years leading to school and ensure everything is on track. We explore their passions with them so they feel seen and valued. We also offer extra educational support if it's needed. At Goodstart, we appreciate your child for who they are and where they're going.  

Our programs are designed with school readiness in mind  

Getting a child ready for school is a team effort, and we also work with nearby schools and communicate with them using Transition to School Statements about your child, who they are and how they learn. These documents carry across with your child from kinder to school. It helps their new teacher prepare the best possible year ahead for your child. We often have school transition activities with local schools throughout the kinder year so your child feels comfy on their first day of Big School.  

Everyone's welcome! 

Inclusion is everything to us. Every child deserves to feel seen and valued for who they are. We work hard to create environments and support networks to welcome all children and their families to our centres. We take reconciliation seriously, walking with our families, children, and communities on this journey.  

Get your guide to Kinder! 

We hope you're excited by what we can offer our family! Download our handbook to learn more about our kindergarten program. We’ll help give your child the best possible start through a lifelong love of learning.  

Get your guide to Kindergarten!

Learn more about our Kindergarten program and what your child will learn by downloading our handbook!

Download your guide

Your questions answered:

  • In WA, your child can start kindergarten at the start of the school year (late January) if they turn four by 30 June of that year. Some children may be eligible to start earlier, including children who identify as Aboriginal, children in care, or children with a disability or additional needs. Your child can start pre-Kindy from three years of age.

  • Our dynamic, vibrant and inspiring kindergarten programs are designed and delivered by Bachelor qualified Early Childhood Teachers to prepare your child for school. We incorporate play-based learning, which helps children discover, socialise and create all while developing valuable cognitive, physical, social, and early literacy and numeracy skills. Find out more information about what your child will learn

  • Our centres offer longer hours and more flexible options than many other kindergartens, including nine hour, 10 hour and all day sessions, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. This means greater flexibility for parents, and more opportunity for us to tune in to when your child learns best.

  • Our kindergarten program receives government funding (up to 15 hours a week per child), which links in with the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) reducing your out-of-pocket costs. We also don't charge for public holidays. If you need support in navigating your Child Care Subsidy our team is here to assist.

  • We also provide families with assistance to access support services in the areas of speech, language, behaviour, social skills or overall development where needed.  If you are concerned about any aspect of your child’s development or learning, please speak to your child’s Teacher.

    Enrolments are now open for our kindergarten program. 

As a working parent, I found Goodstart Kindergarten to be the best option for our family as our child was cared for up until 6pm every day. It was great to know that he was learning the same curriculum as other Kindy’s with a qualified Teacher; he learnt so much and I feel he has been very well prepared for school in terms of independence and social skills.

Backed by research

  • Extra year

    Give your child an extra year of quality play-based learning with their friends

  • Teachers

    Your child will benefit from teachers who work collaboratively to support their learning and development

  • Ready for school

    Be ready for school! Your child will be school-ready thanks to our inspiring learning environments and qualified teachers

  • Setting foundations

    Provide your child with the skills to set the foundation for the rest of their lives

Backed by government


Approved Kindergarten Program

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