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Making mealtimes fun

Child development

Up to half of the two-year-olds in Australia are fussy eaters. So if meal times are big-deal times in your family, you’re certainly not alone. The good news is that there are easy ways to make food fun for fussy eaters.

Goodstart Early Learning has teamed up with Flinders University to give parents some quick tips to take the stress out of family mealtimes. 

We all know that a balanced diet and healthy food habits not only keeps us well, but also makes eating interesting! Encouraging children to eat a variety of nutritional foods is an important part of their development, and can be made easier with a few simple techniques.

From playing with food to building routines, using positive language and leading by example… families can all be part of helping fussy eaters try new foods. Taking it one step at a time and persevering is key. It can take up to 15 positive experiences for a child to accept a new food! 

For some top tips on taking the fret out of food, see our Fussy Eating and Making Mealtimes Fun guide.



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