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  • “We’re a vibrant and dynamic organisation with a focus on our people – we believe that the search for quality never ends and we’re always looking at innovative ways to ensure that all children have the learning, development and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life.”

    Julia Davison

  • "Living by the principle of “more money, more mission” is fundamental to our long-term financial sustainability. It’s intrinsic to our ability to deliver ongoing, positive social impact for Australia’s children and their life-long outcomes."

    Jeff Harvie

  • "Corporate services from our property to procurement teams are driving social outcomes at a national scale to help create thriving children and communities."

    Anna Learmonth

  • "Our people make the difference in giving Australia’s children the best possible start in life. That’s why we are so focused on enhancing what we do and offer our people, families and children - this drives our work day in and day out. Our purpose and strong ambition means we never stop innovating and being the best at getting better."

    Tracey McFarland

  • “Safety is part of being a Goodstarter. It’s this mindset that is the cornerstone of our success in ensuring we create safe working environments for our children and our people to grow and thrive.”

    Matthew Little

  • "Goodstart is a catalyst of positive change in the early years in Australia, bringing local and international academics in early childhood together to collaborate and translate evidence into practice to make the biggest impact to Australia’s children."

    Sue Robb OBE

  • Lynne Walker

    “Adopting new and more agile ways of working is an important enabler for us to help realise our 2025 ambitions for our children, families and communities. We are excited about the future and the opportunities this presents.”

  • "We are using our unique strengths every day to improve the lives of children and families – within Goodstart and beyond. That’s why I love belonging to Goodstart."

    Myra Geddes

  • “Cultivating a workplace where Goodstarters are curious and inspired to keep learning, amplifies their potential, brings our vision to life and delivers better outcomes for children.”

    Jason Renshaw