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The Early Learning Fund is supported by three of the nation's leading not-for-profits.

The Early Learning Fund is supported by three of the nation's leading not-for-profits.

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ELF stories

Put simply, ELF changes lives... you could call it the ELF effect.

We'd love you to take a few moments to watch these real-life stories from some of the children and families whose lives have changed forever, thanks to the kindness of those who have donated to ELF.

Andrea’s story

Andrea is an Early Childhood Teacher who sees the priceless benefits of ELF every single day. Andrea teaches a number of children who would miss out on early learning and start school at a disadvantage if it weren’t for ELF.

Oliver’s story

Oliver’s mum Olivera is a single parent who emigrated from Macedonia around 10 years ago. Olivera needs a little financial assistance to ensure Oliver gets the crucial early learning he needs to be prepared for school.

Jazz’s story

Unfortunately, Jazz has had a very chaotic childhood so far. Until recently she was living with her mother and brother, however, traumatic circumstances led to Jazz and her brother being put into their father Jack’s, full-time care. As a single father of three, Jack needed ELF’s assistance. Watch the video to see just how much difference ELF made.

Alex’s story

Incredibly, Alex was born at just 27 weeks. Being so premature meant Alex had some learning issues, so quality early learning was critical. Coming from a non-English speaking family also presented other challenges for Alex’s family. Fortunately, ELF was on hand to ensure Alex received a great start to his education.

Ivan’s story

Ivan was born with some hearing issues which made learning extra challenging for him. Coming from a low income family meant Ivan needed some ELF help. Fortunately, Ivan’s mum Oanh was able to receive assistance from ELF so he could catch up with the other children.

Miss Aggie’s story

Miss Aggie has a real passion for early learning – as a teacher she works to create an environment where the children thrive and are prepared to start school on the front foot.

Caitlyn’s story

Caitlyn sees firsthand the genuine difference the Early Learning Fund makes in the lives of children and families. She loves how people experiencing different circumstances can access ELF and give their children the early education they deserve.

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