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Embracing early learning

At Goodstart our vision is for Australia’s children to have the best possible start in life.

We are helping families across Australia to understand and embrace the importance of early learning. And as this progresses, we're simultaneously working to unite early learning professionals and policy makers on a national pathway to positive change.

Goodstart Early Learning has committed to working with the early learning sector and governments to drive change that will benefit all of Australia’s children. With around 13,400 staff supporting more than 58,000 families and 69,600 children we’re well-placed to instigate change.

Importance of early learning

Children not given the best start in life are unlikely to achieve their potential. When we start seeing early learning as an investment, not a cost, Australians can work together to instigate change.

Access and inclusion

Goodstart is committed to ensuring any children in challenging circumstances or facing vulnerability have access to and inclusion in early learning in all our centres. We want to ensure the current generation of children, irrespective of life circumstance, are active participants provided with opportunities to flourish and lead productive lives as adults, and we know that participation in early learning can have a significant impact on this goal.

We want to work in partnership with families to identify their child’s additional needs and ensure every child is included and able to interact and engage in play-based learning.

For parents who are not working, we offer an early learning environment to stimulate your child, through socialisation with peers and interaction with other caring professionals. There are several funding streams available for families to support access to early learning for young children regardless of work status.

To find out more about how we can best support you and your child, please speak with your local Goodstart Early Learning Centre Director.

Early learning workforce

Our people are our organisation’s greatest asset. On a daily basis they pour their hearts and souls into caring for children all over the country. We believe staff in the early learning sector are not recognised for the work they do to support children and their families through a critical period of growth and development. We are committed to working with sector partners and the government to raise the status of the early learning profession, so that it is universally acknowledged as one of the most rewarding and important careers on offer.

At Goodstart, children are central to everything we do. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we are committed to re-investing our surplus in our network, our people and our purpose for the benefit of all Australia's children.