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Child safe policies

Goodstart has a range of documents that guide the actions of every employee to ensure that children feel safe and are safe from abuse, neglect and harm.

Safeguarding children from abuse, neglect and harm and ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our children, our families and our people is Goodstart’s first and most important obligation.

Goodstart has a number of policies and procedures that guide the actions of every Goodstart employee to ensure that children feel safe, and are safe from abuse, neglect and harm.

Child Safe Environments

For those in our Centres, creating and maintaining safe and nurturing environments, supported by high quality teaching and supervision, ensures all children have the learning, development, and wellbeing outcomes they need for school and life.

Our child safe environment requirement outlines how Goodstart maintains physical, psychological, and online environments that promote cultural safety and keep children safe and well. 

View our NQS2 Child Safe Environment Requirement.

Our people make the difference 

We recognise that our people are the key to bringing our safety commitment to life. All Goodstarters put the safety, health and wellbeing of themselves, co-workers, childreenvironmentn and families first in all that they do.  

View our NQS2 Safety, Health and Wellbeing Policy

 Safeguarding Children 

 Our safeguarding children requirement informs all Goodstarters of their obligations to act ethically towards children and their roles and responsibilities in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children. 

It sets out the organisation’s expectations, practices and approach in relation to the Child Safe Standards and National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. It also provides guidance on the processes, procedures and practices that aim to keep children safe and well, and to promote and protect their rights. 

View our NQS2 Safeguarding Children Requirement.

Code of Conduct and Child Safe Behaviour Standards

Our Code of Conduct sets the standard and expectations of all Goodstarters. It applies to anyone representing Goodstart - including centre and CSO team members, board members, students, volunteers, interns, and service providers.  

It seeks commitment from every person representing Goodstart to uphold our foundational values and behaviours consistently in every action we take and every decision we make.   

Our Code of Conduct makes clear our expectations of us as Goodstarters.

The child safe behaviour standards set out the expectations for how all Goodstarter’s should behave around children at all times, (when at Goodstart and when not at Goodstart, including online). 

View our Child Safe Behaviour Standards and NQS2 Child Safe Environment Requirement

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