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Media Consent Agreement

Acknowledgement for families

I understand that the image/footage consent I have provided for my child/ren acknowledges that:

  • the images/ footage may be stored, used, reproduced, modified, adapted, published and publicly displayed in any form or manner, and incorporated into other materials or works in any format or medium, provided it is in accordance with the purpose above;
  • Goodstart Early Learning may continue to use the images/ footage for an indefinite period of time unless and until I give notice in writing that I no longer wish my or my child’s image/s to be used, and this will have effect from the date of my notice only and not apply to any previous use of the images;
  • as images/footage may appear on websites, social media platforms and promotional material on the internet, it will be available worldwide and potentially forever;
  • there will be no financial or other remuneration for the images/footage;
  • my child’s name or centre location will not be captured in descriptive text or commentary to the images/footage;
  • all original copies and digital reproductions of the images/footage remain the property of Goodstart, however a copy may be requested by me. 
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