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Anna Bay children get a lesson in the dramatic arts

Anna Bay children get a lesson in the dramatic arts

Children at Goodstart Anna Bay were treated to a different type of learning experience recently when the Jeral Puppets visited the centre with a singing and storytelling comedy performance.

Centre director Jess Heaslet said exposing the children to all forms of art facilitated learning across all of their developmental areas.

“The style of play the children are engaging in following the puppet experience is amazing," Ms Heaslet said.

"They are using language that is progressive for their age, their voices are more animated and the way they are taking on roles of different characters is much more vibrant - they are really embracing different personas entirely,” Ms Heaslet said. 


Jeral Puppets incorporate slapstick humour and songs relevant to the Australian culture. 

“The children were captivated by the stories, and loved participating in various tasks, including recognising numbers, counting out loud and helping the puppets find things,” Ms Heaslet said.

“I aim to enrich the children’s learning with more real-life, dramatic events whether this be in the form of an organised incursion or simply through intentional teaching practices that extend from children’s interests and play,” she said.

How to do it at home
  1. Help your child make hand puppets using googly eyes, felt, wool, glitter and material stuck onto rubber gloves, empty toilet paper rolls, paddle pop sticks or socks.
  2. Drape a sheet over two heavy chairs for your child to stand behind and watch their imaginations run wild as they create their own characters and stories.


Posted by Goodstart
05 December 2016

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