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Goodstart Osborne supports bushfire victims

Goodstart Osborne supports bushfire victims

At the beginning of this year, Australia was ravaged by bushfires. Around eleven million hectares were burnt across the country, billions of animals were killed or lost their homes, as well as many people losing their lives and homes.

The team at Goodstart Osborne were devastated by the destruction and wanted to know how they could help. They got together and came up with some ideas to raise money for a charity helping bushfire victims.

Centre Director Roz said that one of the Educators who has a hobby in Mandala (geometric configuration of symbols) and wood burning, donated some beautiful trays that she had created.

“To make it fair for everyone who works or visits our centre we held a raffle selling tickets for the trays, for two dollars each,” said Roz.

“Junih, another Educator, is an expert at making playdough. Each batch that was created was sold for a donation of a gold coin, and that money was also to be donated to charities helping bushfire victims.”

The team were also very fortunate to have some very talented casuals working at Goodstart Osborne. To help raise some more money, one staff member donated her time and face painting talent to the centre. For a gold coin donation, on the days she was working, she would paint the children’s faces – and sometimes the educators – and all the money went into the donation fund.

All up, the centre raised $450. As the centre were deciding where to donate the funds, they learnt that one of their own families had been affected by the bushfires on Kangaroo Island.

“We heard from Tilly in our Kindy room that her grandparents who owned property on Kangaroo Island had lost everything.”

“After a short discussion between the staff, we decided to donate all the money we had raised directly to Tilly’s family,” said Roz.

As Tilly’s dad often had to go back and forth between the mainland and Kangaroo Island, they also helped to accommodate extra days for Tilly to be at the centre, so that he could help fight fires on Kangaroo Island.

At the South Australian Goodie Awards, Goodstart Osborne was given the Community Support Award for 2020.

Award judge Brooke Koenecke said the team at Osborne has consistently connected with their community and in turn, the community has reached out, connected with and supported the centre.

“They have involved the children in the outreach activities to raise children's understanding of community and how they can contribute.”

We are so proud of the educators, staff, and families at Goodstart Osborne for their contribution to our communities in their time of need. Congratulations to the team at Goodstart Osborne!


Posted by Goodstart
01 December 2020

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