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Laying the foundations for healthy development

Laying the foundations for healthy development

A weekly physical education program is helping the children at Goodstart Kelso – Gilmour Street have fun while developing their physical skills and becoming confident and involved learners.

The two-year-olds are focusing on strengthening their core muscles and coordination, and the preschool children are learning how to throw, catch and use a bat or racquet.

Playball coaches all visit the centre weekly to teach professional physical education lessons that lay the foundation for healthy development in all areas of a child’s life.

Centre director Erin Judge said the program was well received by the children and their parents.

“The children really enjoy being able to participate in a familiar setting with their friends. They often walk in to the centre asking if it’s a Playball day and are bubbling with energy at the gate when they see the trainers arrive,” Ms Judge said. 

“Parents are thrilled that their children are able to participate in a targeted program for two- to five-year-olds during centre hours.”

But the program isn't just about sports skills.

“Children are encouraged to work cooperatively as part of a team, increasing their language, social and emotional development.”

The Playball program complements the centre’s Munch & Move activities.

Munch & Move is an initiative of NSW Health, which fosters a fun, play-based approach to create a healthier lifestyle by getting active each day, choosing water, eating more vegetables and fruit, turning off the television or technology and getting active.


Posted by Goodstart
10 February 2017

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