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Mini Rangers taekwondo program a first for Goodstart

Mini Rangers taekwondo program a first for Goodstart

Young children will have the chance to learn basic martial arts skills as part of a Mini Rangers program being offered at their early learning centre, Goodstart Early Learning Marleston.

Facilitated by Adelaide Taekwondo Academy, it is the first program of its kind to be delivered in South Australia.

The Mini Rangers program will involve drills and exercises that target coordination, balance and flexibility whilst teaching principles of martial arts respect and discipline.


Centre director Julie Howard said they were very excited to introduce the unique program as an extra curricula activity for children attending the centre.

“Physical activity is crucial to the development of children’s gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination. We know that children who have positive experiences with physical activity from a young age, are more likely to be healthy and active in life,” Miss Howard said.

“When we were approached by the Academy, we thought this was a wonderful program to add to our daily curriculum as part of the high quality programs we offer at Goodstart.

“Children love to experience different things and have new learning experiences, so we believe this will be a very popular with our children and their families. The program will help provide children with the skills to prepare them for school.

“It’s also a wonderful opportunity for children to develop leadership skills and learn how to act in potentially dangerous confrontations. So not only will they have fun learning new skills and building their confidence, but it’s also about teaching children how to be safe,” she said.

“Children will also receive special taekwondo uniforms to wear in their weekly classes when they sign up for the program so they really will look like mini rangers!”

The program is being offered to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten aged children. Goodstart Marleston hosted a demonstration and information session on February 22 with Tom Lowe who is a taekwondo instructor and Ruth Hock from the Adelaide Taekwondo Academy.

Goodstart Marleston is at 293-295 Marion Rd in North Plympton and provides high quality care for children from six weeks to school age. The centre’s play-based, stimulating curriculum is based on the Early Years’ Learning Framework.

Programs are engaging and colourful,taking into consideration every child’s individual interests, needs and strengths to enusre they are ready to take the next big step into school life. 


Posted by Goodstart
23 February 2017

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