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Children at Goodstart Osborne get a lesson in burn first aid

Children at Goodstart Osborne get a lesson in burn first aid

Sunburn might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer burns, but it's not the only burn that could spoil your summer fun.
Lighting the barbeque and sitting around open fires are lovely additions to any summer celebration, however are serious hazards for young children. Burn injury is one of the top three causes of accidental death in children under five years of age and one of the three most common injuries suffered by an Australian each year.
So, with Summer in full swing, Goodstart Osborne are reminding children about the importance of fire safety to help reduce the incidence and impact of burn injury this season.
Jackie Rowlands from the Julian Burton Burns Trust made a special visit to the early learning centre to teach children all about burn safety.

Goodstart Osborne centre director Amy Boundy said educating young children in a fun way about burn safety was a great initiative to bring to the centre.

“As part of the lesson, children learnt about the major causes of burns, how to reduce burn injury, and how to make safe choices around fire hazards. They also got to practice the steps of "stop, cover, drop & roll" to extinguish a clothing fire and they learnt some songs about first aid.  It was a fun way for the children to practice first aid,” Ms Boundy said.

“While the lesson is targeted to children, from the ages of 3 to school age, it was also a good way for staff to refresh their first aid skills,” she said.

To avoid serious burns among children during your summer activities, here’s some tips safety tips you can follow at home:
  • Keep children a safe distance from anything that burns.
  • Do not use flammable liquids, such as petrol to light fires, especially campfires.
  • Use a metal cover over a burning fire pit to contain embers.
  • Never leave a barbeque, fire or hot object unattended.
  • Seek medical attention if the burn area is deep, is larger than a 20 cent piece or on the face, hands, feet or in the groin area or skin folds.


Posted by Goodstart
18 January 2017

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