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Little people encourage big change

Little people encourage big change

The children at Goodstart Pullenvale are little people doing big things. They are a living example of how the smallest actions can create large and positive changes.
In a bid to help stamp out plastic pollution in our oceans, and just in time for the final phase out of single use plastic bags in Queensland and Western Australia, the kindergarten children held a community education day at their local shopping centre.

They gave away Goodstart reusable shopping bags, and displayed their artwork, to raise awareness about the effects of plastic pollution. 

“The children are learning about the importance of looking after each other, and how small actions can help lots of people, so they were very excited to get out in the community, talk to people about plastic pollution and give out some reuseable bags.” Goodstart Pullenvale Early Childhood Teacher Jules Whayman said. 

“We have an established kindness culture in the centre, that looks to support causes that help others in some way. One concept that has resonated with the children is the amount of plastic pollution in our oceans and the effect it has on sea animals.”

“The children follow the Take 3 for the Sea principle, which works on the premise that if everyone picks up three pieces of rubbish every time they leave the beach or waterway, we can make a difference to the amount of plastic pollution in the sea.”

“The children created artwork to reflect this idea, and we set up a display in our local shopping centre. The children, parents and families came to assist, and the children really engaged with the community, walking around the shopping centre to meet people, talk about their artwork and give out reusable bags.  

“It was lovely to see them talking to lots of different people and articulating in their own way, why they feel strongly about helping to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean.” she said. 

As a flow on effect from their idea, many other Goodstart centres have started using and handing out reuseable bags. 

“Part of our kindness culture is to create a ripple effect for change. We have sent bags to other centres with a little note about what we had been doing, and encouraging them to get on board. The response has been so lovely.” Ms Whayman said.

“It has been a great way for the children to see that by just doing a little bit, they can make a big difference and inspire other people to make a change. 

“It is little people doing big things.” 



Posted by Goodstart
11 July 2018

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