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Airport interest takes off at Goodstart Lara

Airport interest takes off at Goodstart Lara

Avalon Airport has played host to a group of excited kindergarten children from Goodstart Lara who were treated to a behind-the-scenes excursion and the experience of sitting in the cockpit of a Boeing 747.

With the centre just 10km from the airport, the children often see planes flying overhead and were interested in the different types and destinations. The trip allowed them to learn about the jobs and people involved in running the airport and keeping passengers safe.

“It’s important for the children to be connected to their community and understand the different jobs people do and the different places people go in the community,” said kindergarten teacher, Rachael Morrison said.

Taking two classes of kindergarten children through restricted areas of the airport was made possible thanks to the help of the airport’s management.

“The airport sponsors the Kids Foundation safety program in our region and is quite community minded,” Ms Morrison continued.

“I thanked them personally for their sponsorship and mentioned that the children in our centre always watch the planes going over and asked whether it would be possible to have them visit.

“They were really accommodating and arranged a meeting with the terminal manager for me. We did a risk assessment and thankfully got the all clear to arrange the excursion.”

The children saw security screening and check-in operations, planes taking off and landing, the hangers and control tower, and a demonstration of the airport fire unit’s water cannons.

But the highlight of the trip?

“Definitely getting to sit in the 747 cockpit!” Ms Morrison said.

“The airport owns the plane and it’s used for filming television and movies. The children got to press all the buttons in the cockpit and walk right through the plane.

“They were amazed when they looked out the window and saw how high we were and how small our centre bus looked on the ground.”


Posted by Goodstart
09 June 2017

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