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Natural spaces for new Drysdale playground

Natural spaces for new Drysdale playground

Children and families are enjoying the open spaces and natural feel of Goodstart Drysdale’s new playground, which opened in May.

The playground was part of a $150 000 upgrade at the centre which also included an internal renovation.

The new design has opened up the centre’s backyard area, transforming the previously divided spaces into a continuous play area shared by all age groups at the centre.

Centre director, Karly Scale, said the new design has been well received by children, siblings and parents.

“We’ve noticed a change in dynamics in how the space is used now. It’s more natural and there’s nice little nooks and spaces that we can use for different purposes and which the children can explore.

“The way the space is set up now has also encouraged more sibling play in the afternoons around pick-up time.

“It’s lovely to see how gentle the bigger kids are with the younger children, and the older children encourage the younger ones to explore and try something new through their examples.

“We’re a real family centre and it’s beautiful to watch.”

The design of the playground was a collaborative effort between the centre’s staff, parents and children.

“When we knew the project was going ahead we got feedback from parents to understand what they would like to see, and then as a team we sat down and discussed the things we’d like and also what we’d like to avoid.

“We wanted to include natural elements and have a natural feel that we could build on, rather than piling in all the bells and whistles at once.

“It’s nice and open so there’s plenty of opportunity for us to add to it down the track once we know how it’s being utilised.”

The playground includes natural plants, a worm farm, a permanent vegetable garden, a water feature and sensory paths which wind throughout.

“The children loved watching the construction process. We’d bring them into our office area to watch and they were really engaged and sticky-beaking through the window.

“They were great supervisors for the construction team!”


Posted by Goodstart
28 June 2017

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