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Clothes and toy swap gains momentum

Clothes and toy swap gains momentum

A passion for sustainability and a desire to help families and children has led the team at Goodstart Kings Meadow to set up a clothes and toy swap within the centre.

Families can bring in as many items as they like, and take what they need.

Early childhood teacher Lucy O’Brien, who came up with the idea for the swap, said she wanted to contribute to reducing waste and consumption within the community.

“I started out thinking about the environment, sustainability and how we could reduce our footprint at the centre, and then realised doing this would also help out our families,” Ms O’Brien said.

“I come from quite a big extended family and would always get hand-me-down clothes from my cousins but a lot of people in the community don’t have that support.”

She said the process of manufacturing could be damaging to the environment with many items ending up in landfill.

Ms O’Brien put out the call on Storypark, with a few rules such as items being clean and in good condition, and the clothes and toys started flowing in.

The team bought a clothes rack and hanger and set up the swap in an office space.

“We’ve got a tepee, lots of clothes and shoes and plenty of smaller toys there,” Ms O’Brien said. “We’ve also got lots of beanies which are great for the Tasmanian winter.

“We started out pretty small but with a few call outs on Storypark, we’ve now got a lot of clothes and toys and the swap is really gaining momentum with lots of positive family feedback.”


Posted by Goodstart
18 June 2018

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