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A special day for all to remember

A special day for all to remember

Wearing special badges and carrying a sprig of rosemary, the children at Goodstart Mona Vale will remember their commemoration of Anzac Day for years to come.

The preschoolers were treated to a visit by World War II war veteran Bill McKay, who talked to the children about Lone Pine, the memorial cenotaph and how they can pay respect to war veterans. 


Centre director Amy Meatchem said it was important that future generations understood the meaning behind Anzac Day, even if they didn't have a connection to anyone who served in the war. 

“While many adults know war veterans and were raised in homes which valued, talked about and truly understand the history behind ANZAC Day, this isn’t the case for a lot of our children,” Ms Meatchem said.

“We worried that we may start to see some detachment with our little people and the future generations, simply because of the lack of immediate connections within family and community units.”

The children were taken on a visit to the Pittwater Returned and Services League of Australia, were they were presented with a special Anzac badge.

The children left a wreath for the RSL to pay their respects and after enjoying lunch with Mr McKay, they headed back to the centre to share their experience with their teachers and friends, while proudly displaying their badges, and a sprig of rosemary to commemorate those who fought for our country.



Posted by Goodstart
05 May 2017

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