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Families banding together at Goodstart Kealba

Families banding together at Goodstart Kealba

Take a blessing when you need it and leave a blessing when you can- that’s the sentiment behind the Goodstart Kealba community pantry.

And that is exactly how it works in practice.

Centre director Lynette O’Brien said the centre originally started a food pantry about three years ago, when one of her families were struggling with the cost of healthy foods.

The centre and centre families would donate non-perishable ingredients to help those that needed make their children nutritious meals.

From there the idea grew and now it includes food, clothing and other items families with children might need like books, toys, nappies, baby and children’s clothes and even videos and DVDs.

Families donate items when they have them and when a family is in need, they can help themselves.

“Because all of our families are involved and it is very discrete, there is no embarrassment from anyone about using any of the donated items,” Ms O’Brien said.

“Everything is in brilliant condition- no one donates things they wouldn’t want to use themselves.

“We found that our families love helping each other and think it is such a brilliant feature- every time one of our families donates they comment on what a good idea it is.”

Ms O’Brien said by implementing this initiative the trust families have for the centre has grown because they feel supported, not only by the centre, but by the families within the centre’s community.


Posted by Goodstart
01 May 2019

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