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New director looks forward to challenges

New director looks forward to challenges

Being surrounded by children is a way of life for Goodstart Early Learning East Sydney director Kahlia Dalton.

The 28-year-old steps in to her role at the new centre this week, and says being one of eight children, and an aunty to nine nieces and nephews, has helped her in her career.

“I come from a large family and I cherish the moments we get to spend together,” Ms Dalton said. “I have nine nephews and nieces and I am their key babysitter."

As centre director of the new premises, which opened in October in conjunction with City of Sydney, Ms Dalton will be responsible for running the three-level centre which has five playrooms for 60 children.

“It’s a beautiful centre in a unique building with plenty of wide open spaces, sunlight and a modern and natural playground for the children,” she said.


Ms Dalton has worked in the childcare industry for about nine years, mostly in private centres throughout New South Wales.

“I’m really excited to join Goodstart though because of their dedication to early childhood built on a vision and philosophy that children are central t everything they do. The Goodstart Practice Guide helps a lot with this and is an inspirational document for educators and families.

"I believe children are unique individuals who learn in different ways, and the Goodstart Practice Guide also helps to capture this.”

Ms Dalton will start in the centre tasked with finding an assistant centre director and early childhood teacher. She will also be responsible to ensuring her people come together as a team.

“My aim is to set up a positive team culture right from day one. I want a strong motivated team made up of people who drive the centre and believe in Goodstart’s philosophy,” she said.

“The biggest challenge is that because it’s a brand new centre, we will be building the network with the community as we go. I want to be able to take the children out on excursions but I won’t do that until I know the children and their individual needs.”
Three things you may not know about Kahlia Dalton:

She has a pet cat and a bearded dragon.
She would have “12 pets if I could get away with it.”
She has a bachelor of education and is currently studying a graduate diploma of psychology.



Posted by Goodstart
17 November 2016

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