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Parents feel the love at Middle Ridge

Parents feel the love at Middle Ridge

It’s not just children and educators who are benefitting from Key Educator relationships at Goodstart Toowoomba Middle Ridge.

The centre parents are loving the fact they have an educator they can rely on who deeply understands their family and their child.

Key Educator relationships at Goodstart support the building of strong, secure and communicative relationships between the child, the centre and the family. They promote continuity and consistency through nurturing relationships between educators and children individually and in small groups.

For families, this means they always have a go to person in the centre to discuss their child, ask questions or raise concerns while for children, key educators help to form strong and secure relationships which are essential for learning and well-being.

Toowoomba Middle Ridge centre director Nicola Lock said parents had responded positively to Key Educator relationships, enjoying the sense of security they now felt and building on their relationships.

“I think the most important aspect for parents is that their children see them building a great relationship with their child’s key educator, which is turn means the child feels safe and secure going to them as well,” Nicola said.

The centre, which is currently going through the Family Connections program, has introduced display boards in each of the rooms outlining who the Key Educator is for each child.

“It’s very visible to parents so they know who they can rely on and who they can go to when they need help. Families have a connection point at the centre, and in turn feel more connected to the centre themselves.”

Another aspect of Key Educator is asking children if they are ready to have lunch or wash their hands, rather than telling them.

“If the child says no, the educator will respect that and then touch base again in a few minutes. This allows children to enjoy more autonomy and feel like they’re being respected,” Nicola said.

The Key Educator relationship also encourages keeping records on developmental progress, meeting with families and conducting most of the daily routines including mealtimes, toileting routines and settling for naps.

Key educator national lead Michelle Richardson said key educator centres operated by assigning educators to small groups of children to help them build secure attachments. This worked towards combatting significant stress for children in group care environments.

She said they also support the building of strong secure, reciprocal and communicative relationships between each child and their family, which is based on trust and respect.

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Posted by Goodstart
07 November 2018

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