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Labor’s early learning policy a win for children

Labor’s early learning policy a win for children

Australia’s largest, not-for-profit, early learning organisation – Goodstart Early Learning – has welcomed Labor’s early childhood education announcement today as nation building with the potential to change the future lives of children.

After listening to early education experts the Federal Opposition has announced a $1.75 billion proposal to fund three-year-old preschool.

What does this mean for families?

This means all three and four-year-olds would have access to age appropriate, play-based learning regardless of family circumstance.

It would be free for three-year-olds attending state and community preschool/kindy, with the government providing an additional subsidy for those attending in a long daycare environment.

Currently Commonwealth preschool/kindy funding only supports those attending the year before school.

The current government’s reforms to the CCS have significantly helped working families with the affordability of early learning and care. Today’s announcement will help ensure all children get the early education they need to thrive – and that’s good for all Australians.

A game-changer for Australia’s children

Julia Davison, Goodstart CEO says ensuring access to age-appropriate play-based early learning in the two years before school is a game changer for Australia’s children.

“This policy has the potential to change the lives of generations of Australian children, giving them the skills they need for school and life – and it has a great return on investment for the nation.

"This policy announcement means Australia would join leading countries around the world who are already ensuring their children benefit from two years of high quality, age-appropriate, play-based early learning.

“China, New Zealand, swathes of Europe and South East Asia are already providing early education for their three-year-olds. With this policy Australia would join leading nations ensuring every child launches into learning with the skills they need.”

Improving school readiness

In Australia, one in five children begin formal school already behind their peers. Research shows that children who start school behind, stay behind.

By introducing age-appropriate, play-based learning for all three-year-olds it will help ensure the children who need extra assistance will get it – when it counts the most.

“Ensuring all three and four-year-olds can attend high quality early learning in these critical years will give our children the chance to launch into learning ready for school and life.

“It is our responsibility to ensure no child is ever left behind.”

More information on the announcement can be found here.

You can view Goodstart CEO Julia Davison speaking with the media about the importance of #twoyearsbeforeschool here.


Posted by Goodstart
04 October 2018

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