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Goodstart Helensvale weaves magic into the community

Goodstart Helensvale weaves magic into the community

Recycling plastic bags has been taken to a new level at Goodstart Helensvale, with staff and children weaving them into plastic mats for the homeless.

Using a borrowed loom, the children have been bringing plastic bags from home and weaving them into sleeping mats which teaches both social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

Early childhood teacher Vibha Verma said the idea came from one of the centre’s educators who had a friend in Stanthorpe who started weaving mats for homeless people during the colder months.

“She brought the idea back to the centre and we decided it would work well as we incorporate community awareness and inclusion into our program and it also enforces our policy on sustainability,” Vibha said.

“It has been a great success so far. The children love using the loom and seeing the results of their work and have also enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to a community project.”

Parents at the centre have also supported the initiative and have helped by sending in plastic bags which are cut into strips to make plarn (plastic bag yarn). The plarn is then weaved through the loom to make a large mat suitable for outdoor use.

“It has been a very rewarding experience watching the children participate. They are very calm and relaxed while weaving and their concentration spans have definitely increased,” Vibha said.

“It also enables us to discuss our role as helpers in the community and how recycling works.”


Posted by Goodstart
27 September 2017

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