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CCS sessions helping family budgets

CCS sessions helping family budgets

Goodstart Early Learning’s new nine and 10 hour sessions are helping families make the most of the new Child Care Subsidy and pay less for their child care fees. 

The new flexible session options were launched to coincide with the Government’s new Child Care Subsidy in July 2018 and they are helping Goodstart families save on their child care fees.

By choosing a nine or 10 hour session families can reduce the risk of running out of subsidised eligible hours and paying full fees. 

By choosing a nine or 10 hour session as well as the ‘all day’ session, you only pay for the time you need. 
The new flexible sessions were designed to meet families’ needs and minimise out-of-pocket costs.

Watch our videos to see how the sessions work. Click here and here.   

Since they launched, more than 35,000 Australian families have enrolled in either a nine or 10 hour session, minimising the risk of running out of subsided eligible hours and paying full fees for the remaining hours. 

Many of Goodstart’s full-time (five-day a week) families had booked in 10 hour sessions which meant they were able to stay within their 100 eligible hours of subsidy per fortnight.

How do Goodstart sessions work? 

The Knight Family
  • The Knight family requires child care five days a week (10 days a fortnight), as both parents work.
  • They are eligible for 100 hours per fortnight of Child Care Subsidy, but their centre is open 12 hours a day, meaning their care requirements exceed their eligible hours by 20 hours per fortnight.
  • The Knight family can minimise their costs at Goodstart by choosing a 9 or 10 hour session which means they do not exceed the number of child care hours they are eligible for.
The Smith Family
  • The parent that earns the least in the Smith family works 20 hours a week over four short days. 
  • Their centre is open for 11 hours per day.
  • Through the new Child Care Subsidy, they are entitled to 72 hours of child care per fortnight (36 hours per week).
  • Using the new sessions, they can book in four x 9 hour sessions a week - meaning they will not exceed their eligible hours of Child Care Subsidy.
Click here for more facts and tips about the Child Care Subsidy


Posted by Goodstart
19 September 2018

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