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Toddlers become helpers at Goodstart Pascoe Vale

Toddlers become helpers at Goodstart Pascoe Vale

Children at Victoria’s Goodstart Pascoe Vale Cumberland Road East are learning the importance of respecting and interacting with other children through a new program introduced by centre director Divya Joshi and her team.
The pre-kinder and nursery rooms have been collaborating on a new partnership strategy which involves both the nursery and pre-kinder children, exploring, investigating and learning through play together.
The pre-kinder children are developing awareness and responsibility needed to provide assistance and friendships to peers of younger ages.

In the past few months, the pre-kindergarten children have been helping the nursery educators feed and look after the babies.
 “We have the pre-kindergarten children helping out in the nursery and learning how to interact and behave around little babies,” Ms Joshi said.
“And in turn, those babies get the chance to spend time with older children, watching them play and being part of their space.”
Research shows children learn much about interpersonal relationships and friendships through play with each other.  
Ms Joshi said the interaction gave the centre educators the chance to encourage children to be comfortable around others, work on positive interaction, and take part in their play.
“For me, the program reinforces how important it is for us to look after each as humans. It is extremely beneficial for the pre-kindergarten children because they are learning how to respect others and this can lead to a greater understanding of how they can look after their siblings at home.”
“We’ve seen some major changes in behaviour as well, with the older children being given a purpose in their day.”
Parents are kept in the loop throughout the program with plenty of communication about daily events, and a message board with photos and information.


Posted by Goodstart
08 July 2016

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