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Art aims to raise profile of National Child Protection Week

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While creating 120 different artworks with an early learning centre full of toddlers and babies may sound like fun, albeit messy, the message behind the event will be a serious one.

National Child Protection Week runs from September 2-8 and aims to raise the profile of all issues connected with child protection, including child abuse prevention and support for children, young people and families. This year’s theme is “Protecting children is everyone’s business.”

At Goodstart Idalia Village Drive, the children and educators will raise awareness of the week with the help of a $1000 grant from the National Child Protection Week.

Centre director Zoey English said the team had bought art equipment including 120 canvases and lanterns for the centre’s parade with the funding.

Painting has begun at the centre, with babies, toddlers and kindergarten children all involved in creating unique art works which will be displayed at an exhibition.

“We have an artist in our centre – our ECT Yasmine Hunter – so we’re using finger paints and crayons to create works of art for all of the different age groups and are really excited about what we can produce,” Ms English said. “We’ll then hold an exhibition where everyone can come and see what we’ve created.”

The team will also take part in the Shine A Light For Children Lantern Project which will be held during National Child Protection Week.

“This is a cause we hold very dearly,” Ms English said. “Children are at the centre of everything we do at this centre so if we can turn the focus to protecting and nurturing all children, it’s a great thing.”

The National Child Protection Week also aims to build stronger communities to create safer environments for children and encourage all Australians to take a role in protecting children from harm. It is an opportunity for government, business and community to come together to promote the safety and wellbeing of children.

On Friday, September 7, the culmination of National Child Protection Week will be held with Bravehearts’ 22nd White Balloon Day.  The annual day raises awareness about protecting children from sexual assault.

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